Enriched and transformed

“One person is of more value than the whole world.” This quotation has touched my heart deeply and changed my life.

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Renungan, dorongan dan motivasi

Saya telah bersama – sama dengan Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd (PKGS) sejak tahun 2006.

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Pengalaman yang dihargai

Saya bekerja dengan Sister Gembala Baik di Asrama Gereja St James Tenghilan pada tahun 1995 yang ketika itu di kendalikan oleh Komiti Asrama dan Gereja St. James dengan kerjasama Sister Gembala Baik.

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Blessed in so many ways

I was born into a big family, well-educated and come from a good family background. I still remember how I was having fun and enjoying life until I discovered that I was pregnant.
I panicked, I was scared and confused.

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Two Sticks of Ice Cream

“ Need help to carry your things?” This is a common refrain from the street-children, mainly of Filipino descent, offering services in exchange for some loose-change.

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