Note of Thanks

Good evening distinguished guests. Welcome to "Yours Musically, the Dama Favourites" by Dama Music Theatre. This fund raising event is hosted by Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd in conjunction with the 60th anniversary celebration of Good Shepherd Mission and Presence in Malaysia.

Sixty years ago on 5th November in 1956, two Good Shepherd Sisters set foot in Kuala Lumpur and began the Good Shepherd Mission in Malaysia.

I am sure you would agree with me that without the support and prayers of many people, two sisters working on their own would not have been able to grow a Mission that now is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Johor and Sabah.
The core of our programs worldwide is to reach out to women and girls who are in crisis situations. Our founding sisters and those who came after them have been able to reach out to countless girls and women through our social services programmes.

Similarly, our kindergartens in Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh have touched the lives of many children and their families.

All this has been possible through the partnership of people who believe in Good Shepherd mission and have come forward to collaborate with the sisters.

To all Good Shepherd mission partners who are made up of Board members, Management, staff, volunteers, benefactors, our friends, our family members and all those who have in one way or another been linked with us, we thank you for your compassion, perseverance and very generous support of our work with women and girls who experience different forms of crisis and children and youth who have limited access to educational opportunities.

The event tonight is in support of Good Shepherd social services. As a social service organisation that is committed to empower lives, uphold dignity and restore rights, we are constantly looking for ways to ensure that our approaches are appropriate, effective and relevant - upholding the dignity of each person who come to us for assistance.

We are also committed to advocating for systemic changes to ensure fair and just treatment of persons in crisis. This involves investing in our human resources, and ensuring that our Centres and outreach programmes are well managed.
Many of you have brought your family and friends with you tonight. The current economic climate in our country is very challenging for so many and you who are present here are not spared from the financial strains that individuals, families and businesses are experiencing daily.

Yet, you have come forward in the midst of these challenging times to give your support to our cause. It is for us a humbling and beautiful experience of people intentionally choosing to make a positive difference in our world that is crying out to reveal the goodness that is inherent in our human spirit.

For those who have been our benefactors for years, who have stood by us during good and challenging times - we look forward to your continued support. For some who have just gotten to know about Good Shepherd mission tonight, let this be the start of your giving and our collaboration to make a difference in the lives of women, children and youth in need.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the dynamic and very hardworking members in the different committees of this successful event. The list is too long to mention.
Tonight, our hearts are overflowing with deep gratitude to each one of you for your support and generosity. Thank you and enjoy the show.

Speech given in “Yours Musically – The Dama Favourites” concert on Thursday, October 13, 2017.