A Real Soccer Ball!

I love staying at the hostel because I have many friends to play with. Here, I learn to look after my own belongings and understand personal and general cleanliness. Also, I can watch television as our television set at home is broken. The food here is good and we have fruits after meals.

But the main reason I love staying at the hostel is that I can play football with a real soccer ball!

I used to play football at our village but our ball is very small, not the same as what we have here. I really enjoy playing soccer very much. I am just so happy whenever I get to kick the ball, or catch it!

I have also learnt to help my parents by doing some housework at home. When I complete my primary school education, I hope the hostel will still be open and running, in 2017. I wish for this so that my friend, who is seven years old now, will have a place to stay until he completes his primary school education too.

Aloysius Gimpin
(9 year-old Resident)